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When a parent first finds out their child has autism,

they immediately reach out for any information available in an attempt to fill in all that they don’t know about the disorder. So began a steep learning curve for the author of  What Happens Next?, Rick Schostek. This book is the result of what he has learned and experienced through the first twenty-three years of his son’s autism. For all those families who are trying to better understand what lies ahead, this book is certain to provide much that they can learn from and relate to.

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  • This book made me smile, cry and laugh out loud. I have a son with autism the same age as Greg and I could really relate to the joys and challenges Rick described in raising a child with autism – especially the concerns about the future. The fact that our children have so much to offer is underscored by this touching tribute.

  • When I first read ‘What Happens Next?,’ I was struck by the fact this touching story was coming from a father’s perspective. It’s so rare to see a businessman who is so capable of telling his own story about such a personal journey with his son. Rick Schostek’s book truly is a labor of love – not only for his son Greg, but for every person who is touched by autism.

  • Rick's words are frank, humble and inspirational to all people; fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters whether they face the world of autism or not.

  • Your story not only shows your strength but also showcases what it means to be a family. You have never lost sight of the fact that family means being each others' biggest fans, no matter what your differences. Having a cousin with Down's Syndrome, I can especially relate to how difficult things can be, but how rewarding the trials and tribulations can be as well.

  • This book is a jewel. Informative, heartwarming, funny and candid. For those who champion elevation of the human spirit, it's a must read ! Thank you, Rick, for giving us a modern day "profile in courage".

  • This is the story of real life -- the life lived by an ever-growing number of Americans -- and Rick has not left any slack in bringing us this story with all its humanity, frustrations, tears and joy.

  • I love the book. As the parent of a preteen boy with autism, it is so comforting to read your perspective on adulthood. I think about transition everyday and I want my son to have meaningful work, have friends and be happy. Your words encouraged me.

  • I was impressed at how much I learned throughout the book -- If only they wrote textbooks this way!

  • You have an engaging writing style that makes me feel like I am talking with you. This book will help me understand what my sister-in-law is going through and has gone through with my niece who is autistic.

  • I highly recommend this book to any parent, educator, or anyone whose life is touched by a child on the Autism spectrum. The book raises awareness about Autism while informing the public of issues that we will all face with millions of adults with autism. Most importantly, this story is a tribute of a father’s love and devotion to his son from birth to adulthood.

  • Your book has touched me! I work with kids on the spectrum. I have shared your book with so many of my families and all of them say 'That answers so many questions we have been asking ourselves about our children!

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